Jadis – Italian Grape Ale

Italian Grape Ale

An innovative wheat beer, brewed with the must of Fortana grapes, typical of the country surrounding the brewery. More complex than a blanche, with a sleek pinkish tinge and a subtle winey character, a sweet, strawberry-like fruitiness and an elegant and dry finish.

ABV: 6,5%

Fermentation: top fermented and keg/bottle conditioned.

Ingredients: Barley and wheat malts, Cascade, EKG hops, Fortana grapes must.

Suggested pairings: A beer made for the legendary cold cuts of Emilia, like Culatello or Parma Ham. Great with raw or cold smoked salmon, tuna and crustaceans. Serve it with fresh goat milk spread cheeses and light yogurt, cream and fruit based desserts. Consider this a rosé champagne.

Serving temperature: 6-10°C

Suggested glassware: pint or flute

Availability: all year round

Formats available: 75cl bottles, 30L baseline KeyKegs

Shelf life: 18 months since packaging


Beer aderglass template (PDF format)

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